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Make me choose:

and anon asked: knives or guns

the walking dead meme: characters [3/20] - Rosita Espinosa


favourite twd character meme: two outfits [1/2]

the ill-fated white cardigan

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You sound just like my damn father! Always yellin’ about the power bill and tellin’ me to turn off the damn lights!

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Make me choose - Anonymous asked: Starks or Lannisters?

make me choose: lovegoodlupin asked laurie holden or ellen page

best of ahs characters → misty day
Stevie didn’t really find her voice until she and Lindsey joined Fleetwood Mac. That’s the thing; Can’t be your best self until you find your tribe. I’m still looking for mine.

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make me choose: saveahorse-rideadixon asked me lori grimes or beth greene

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